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Rihanna to star in Bates Motel

Rihanna to star in Bates Motel

Rihanna is set to star in 'Bates Motel'.

The 28-year-old singer will join the cast of the 'Psycho' prequel series for season five, where she will take on the role of Marion Crane, Norman Bates' victim.

News of Rihanna's casting was announced at the show's Comic-Con panel in San Diego, where it was also revealed that the upcoming fifth season will be its last.

Executive producers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin said: "We wanted to thrust the iconic role into a contemporary spotlight and redefine it in a meaningful and exciting new way. We also heard Rihanna was a fan of the show, and we were huge fans of hers, so it was the perfect collision of creativity and fate."

Carlton said Marion's introduction will be "a big moment" and explained: "We will be colliding with certain events in the narrative of the film, but it would be boring to just recreate 'Psycho'."

Actress Vera Farmiga added: "I'm excited to work work work with her!"

Rihanna has had minor roles in movies such as 'Battleship', 'This Is The End' and 'Annie' but previously revealed she wants to build on her filmography and do more acting.

She said: "Acting is so new to me but I would love to do more - definitely.

"It's such a big world and there are so many skilled people in this industry. I feel like it's something you need to take seriously and it's something that I would be interested in taking seriously."

Rihanna enjoys turning her hand to new things because she gets bored of what she is doing very quickly.

She added: "I love exploring and I love new things. I get bored in a moment so I'm always thinking about what's next."