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Rihanna's new single is set to make its exclusive debut at IMAX Theatres

Rihanna's new single is set to make its exclusive debut at IMAX Theatres

Rihanna's new single is set to make its exclusive debut at IMAX Theatres.

The 28-year-old singer songwriter's latest hit 'Sledgehammer' released on Monday (27.06.16), which was written for director Justin Lin's science fiction film 'Star Trek Beyond', will launch the track's accompanying music video for the first time in IMAX theatres on Thursday (30.06.16).

Speaking about partnering with the brunette beauty on the clip, Director Floria Sigismondi said: "I have been a fan of 'Star Trek' since I was a little girl. I loved the idea that it explored new territory and the unknown. So being able to be the first director to shoot a music video entirely with IMAX cameras and use this revolutionary technology to explore a different type of new territory was a dream come true."

The Barbados-born beauty's song - written by pop star Sia - is the first music video shot entirely with the ALEXA IMAX camera, which was used to capture the gripping fight scene between Captain America and Iron Man in 'Captain America: Civil War', to achieve a lifelike picture.

And to commemorate the momentous occasion the big unveil of the music video will be shown in the chain cinema tomorrow, although the single is already available to purchase and download now.

Meanwhile, Rihanna - who is the creative director of the sportswear brand PUMA - debuted the single in the third trailer for the eagerly-anticipated sci-fi movie, which features the late star Anton Yelchin, who tragically passed away this month at the age of 27 following a car accident.

The song has resonated with the cast of the movie including Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto, who have praised the 'Work' hitmaker for bringing some "light into the darkness" after the tragic week, which saw them lose their dear friend and colleague.

Zoe - who plays Uhura - shared the short clip promoting the film on Instagram and thanked the 28-year-old singer for helping them through the "most difficult times" for the movie's cast and that Anton would be "proud" of her soundtrack.

Zoe, 38, wrote: "Thank you @badgalriri for a beautiful song during one of the most difficult times for our StarTrek family. We know Anton would be proud (sic)."

And Zachary - who plays Spock - also posted to Instagram: "After such an unimaginably sad week for our star trek family - @badgalriri brings some light into the darkness (sic)."

'Star Trek Beyond' is set to hit the big screens July 22, 2016.