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Ricky Gervais strips to underwear in garden of new home

Ricky Gervais strips to underwear in garden of new home

Ricky Gervais has shared a picture of himself in his underwear in the gardens of his new £10.8 million home.

The 55-year-old comedian has just splashed out on the property in north London and celebrated by posing in his pants on the stairs in front of the building on Tuesday (23.08.16).

Alongside the photo of himself in front of the lavish mansion, he wrote: "Chillin' in the garden before my new material gig tonight. #Humanity (sic)"

The 'Life on the Road' star - who has been in a relationship with author Jane Fallon for 33 years - moved into the eight bedroom home on Sunday (21.08.16).

Meanwhile, Ricky recently revealed how he knows if he's written a "good" joke - when his partner warns him off it.

Asked why he keeps working, he said: "I love it. There's nothing as good as when I'm on a plane or going for a jog and my phone's not ringing... when I can think.

"I suddenly go, 'Oh, I've had a great idea'. I go home, tell Jane. She says, 'Please don't say that in public.' And then I know it's good."

And whilst 'The Office' star loves his line of work, he previously admitted he is dismayed by celebrity culture.

He shared: "There's no difference now between fame and infamy. I don't know where it's going to end. We've got trolls who are rewarded with a column in a newspaper. People would rather be laughed at and despised than not be known. They need to go, 'I was here.'

"People want a voice and they get desperate and go, 'Look at me.' Serial killers want to be famous. Not all celebrities are terrible. But it's often the ones who shout loudest that get heard. I think it is quite dangerous."