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Ricky Gervais slams culture of fame

Ricky Gervais slams culture of fame

Ricky Gervais thinks people will do "anything" to be famous.

The 55-year-old comic - who reprises his 'Office' alter ego David Brent in new movie 'Life on the Road' - doesn't understand why certain individuals would rather do outrageous things and be "hated" than lead a life of anonymity.

He said "We've got these ruthless people who will do anything to be famous. They live their life like an open wound. They show you breakdowns because they know that sells. They'll do anything to be on telly, and Brent can't compete with that.'

"We're soon going to have 'Celebrity Enema'. It's going to happen.

"There's no difference now between fame and infamy. People are willing to be hated because it gets them their own column or in as a guest on 'This Morning'. They're willing to say horrendous things, terrible things, to make people angry, because that creates [internet] traffic. When did that happen? When did people decide they would rather be hated than not known?'

"We've got people who know they will get on 'The Apprentice' by going, 'I will destroy anyone who stands in my way.' One of them is running for President of America. Alpha males are back with a vengeance."

Ricky - who is in a relationship with author Jane Fallon - is thankful his own fame hasn't changed him, which he believes is because he found recognition later in life.

He told Event magazine: "Oprah Winfrey said that if you don't know who you are by the time you become famous, it will define you. And it didn't, in my case. I made it when I was nearly 40. My outlook on the world was in place. Hopefully I'm wiser than I was 15 years ago, maybe, but I've got the same family, same girlfriend, same friends, same values. It's just that I can afford better things."