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Ricky Gervais on 'thankless' late-night shows

Ricky Gervais on 'thankless' late-night shows

Ricky Gervais says late-night shows are the "most thankless task".

The 'Office' star would "never say never" to a role on late night television but isn't quite ready for it just yet.

He said: "I've been offered a few late-night shows, sure, but that's the most thankless task. I came into this job so that I wouldn't have to put on a suit and sit behind a desk five days a week. I want to be the one being interviewed by that guy who can stand doing it five days a week for my new film or my new show. I want to be on this side of the fence.

"But never say never. One day, when I can't get around with my knees, a desk job will probably suit me. I'll be wheeled out, and I'll sit behind a desk for an hour and then I'll be wheeled home.

"It'll be perfect. It'll be me in a chair with a built-in toilet, and I'll go, "Thank you, tonight on Ricky Gervais Live, we've got [makes defecating noise] Tom Cruise [defecating noise]." And I just go, 'Cut. Empty it! OK, stop there. And we're back.'"

Meanwhile, the 54-year-old comedian came under fire for joking about Caitlyn Jenner's gender transition at the Golden Globes earlier this year but despite the criticism, he says he is still "very proud" of the joke as it helped to "destroy stereotypes".

Speaking to, he said: "Then there was the uproar about my Bruce Jenner joke at this year's Globes, which was ridiculous. It wasn't transphobic at all. At no point did I make fun of her transition ... Even if you acknowledge the fact that transgender people say they're always that gender, the joke is about change. I respect that Caitlyn Jenner is a she, which is why I then said, 'What a year she's had. Became a role model for trans people everywhere, bravely breaking down barriers and destroying stereotypes. Didn't do a lot for women drivers.'

"I'm very proud of that joke because it's about stereotypes; and I used the stereotype of women drivers with a transgender person, so I am acknowledging that she is a woman. That joke is not transphobic at all."