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Ricky Gervais hates getting older

Ricky Gervais hates getting older

Ricky Gervais wants to live long enough to trip over his "pendulous testicles".

The 55-year-old comedian has admitted everything about growing old is "bad", he panics every morning in case he doesn't wake up, and loves nothing more than having his daily alcoholic tipple.

Speaking about the ageing process on Monday's episode (24.10.16) of 'The Tonight Show', the funnyman - whose long-term partner is author Jane Fallon - said: "I don't know where to start.

"I wake up in the morning now and go, 'Oh God I didn't die.' I just ache. I look forward to having a drink. At 6 o'clock I have a drink and it's all OK and I fall into bed. When I get up in the morning I have to walk downstairs like that (a waddles). I've got a stiff back and stiff legs. I'm losing the hair. It's all bad.

"Pendulous testicles. Honestly. I'm hoping to live long enough to actually trip over them."

However, the 'The Office' star has revealed he has learnt a lot about his genitalia in his later years.

He explained: "I didn't realise until I was 50 that testicles float in the bath. [They look like] a couple of little hot air balloons taking off from the forest."

Meanwhile, Ricky has revealed he is dismayed by celebrity culture and finds it worrying that so many people are "desperate" to be known.

Speaking previously, he said: "There's no difference now between fame and infamy. I don't know where it's going to end. We've got trolls who are rewarded with a column in a newspaper. People would rather be laughed at and despised than not be known. They need to go, 'I was here.'

"People want a voice and they get desperate.

"Not all celebrities are terrible. But it's often the ones who shout loudest that get heard. I think it is quite dangerous."