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Renee Zellweger's educational break

Renee Zellweger's educational break

Renee Zellweger went back to school when she took a hiatus from Hollywood.

The 'Bridget Jones's Baby' star has revealed she took some college classes during her four-year break from acting in 2010.

She told Live! With Kelly: "I went back to school ... to study something that I'm fascinated with, as a pedestrian, plebeian observer, and I just wanted to see if I had an aptitude with it, so I went and took ... some classes in college.

"It was great, I got to know my classmates really well. We had lots of fantastic conversations, and I had to study, and that was really interesting, because I wasn't sure if my brain was gonna hold that information at this stage in my life!"

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old actress previously insisted she "learned a lot" during her break.

She said: "I learned a lot (on my break). And I think I grew a lot and I think it's important if you're in this business, if you want to be a storyteller, you have to have the experiences to draw from and I needed to go ahead and have a little life that didn't have something to do with a character that I was playing or researching, you know."

Talking about her decision to go on hiatus from Hollywood, she added: "I just wanted to shift my focus a little bit and keep some promises that I had made to myself a long time ago. There are some things that I wanted to learn and see if I had aptitude for. I wanted to go back to school I wanted to do things that you can't really make time for when you're in the cycle of making films ... I had to just commit to breaking that cycle for a little bit so that I could grow as a person. I was boring myself, you know. I'm really lucky with the people that I work with, we are like minded but it was time."