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Renee Zellweger keeps British accent

Renee Zellweger keeps British accent

Renee Zellweger speaks with a British accent even when she's not filming 'Bridget Jones' Baby'.

The 46-year-old US actress has reprised her role as the unlucky-in-love TV producer and admitted she was too "lazy" to break character when shooting ended every day.

She said: "It's just really lazy. I don't want to do the work to get back into everyday."

Renee worked closely with the crew on UK TV show 'Good Morning Britain' as part of her research for the role and found them very helpful.

She said: "I've learned from stealing your crew, they were magnificent."

And the actress admitted she is in awe with how easy the programme's presenter Kate Garraway makes fronting the live show look.

She told her: "I didn't realise that you had a live feed coming in all the time from the internet and obviously all round the world and you change your schedule as the new information comes in so whatever you might have scripted in the evening gets scrapped in the moment if something of import comes in.

It's very impressive because you just do it on the dime.

"She's not just gorgeous everybody. She's not - she has a little ear piece and they say, 'Right we're not doing that, all that stuff you thought we were doing we're doing this instead and you have no script, go' "