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Renee Zellweger calls for more movies for women

Renee Zellweger calls for more movies for women

Renee Zellweger doesn't think there are enough movies for female cinemagoers.

The 'Bridget Jones' Baby' star doesn't understand why there are "relatable" films for her friends to watch because no matter how much society changes, they are still dealing with the same issues.

She said: "All my girlfriends are waiting to go to films that are relatable, and I don't know why we're not making movies for [them]..

"Whatever else may have changed in the world, we still have conversations with ourselves about how we might improve, or things we're insecure about, or our failings."

But the 46-year-old star - who is back from a six-year Hollywood hiatus - could soon be writing a movie her friends would like as she enjoys the creative process behind-the-scenes so much.

She told the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter: "Writing is something that has always been part of my life.

"I'm tapping into it because it makes me happy. There are so many women now who are answering their creative calling -- writing, producing, directing. I have a lot of girlfriends who would like to produce material that matters in some way."

Renee has recently spoken out about she faced criticism over her apparently changing appearance, and she admitted she finds it frustrating that women are scrutinised for their looks far more than men are.

She said: "I've never seen the maturation of a woman as a negative thing. I've never seen a woman stepping into her more powerful self as a negative. But this conversation perpetuates the problem. Why are we talking about how women look? Why do we value beauty over contribution? We don't seem to value beauty over contribution for men. It's simply not a conversation."

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