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Reg Traviss likes Amy Winehouse statue

Reg Traviss likes Amy Winehouse statue

Reg Traviss thinks the Amy Winehouse statue is "amazing".

The 38-year-old filmmaker has visited Camden Town in North London to see the likeness of his late fiancee - who died in July 2011 - a number of times and is "very pleased" with the permanent tribute to the 'Back to Black' hitmaker.

He said: "I think it's quite amazing to be honest, that there is a statue in existence. It's a real salute to her. I think it's quite amazing. I'm very pleased actually.

"I've been there a couple of times. It's obviously funny to go and see, as you can imagine, but I think it's brilliant."

Reg believes people will always be interested in the tragic singer and her life story, especially because her music is so "timeless".

Asked if he thinks interest in Amy will ever die down, he said: "I think when there's someone so talented in what they do and is such a personality who attracts a lot of attention, all we can do is look at other people in history.

"So when I say looking at other people, I would say most likely ... No.

" I can't imagine it because her music was quite timeless, extremely good, so just like anything, its lifetime will just continue."