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Rebel Wilson witnesses attempted robbery

Rebel Wilson witnesses attempted robbery

Rebel Wilson witnessed a foiled car robbery on Sunday (10.01.16).

The 'Pitch Perfect' actress was at Urth Cafe in West Hollywood when she witnessed the incident in which a man tried to steal a vehicle from the valet and Rebel livetweeted the drama.

She tweeted: "Just witnessed a dodgy guy try to steal a car from a valet man! Cops were called! Valet man held his ground!!

"Dodgy guy tried to give valet man $200 cash for the car...but valet man did good and grabbed the keys away from him!

"In a stressful situation he did great. Hot action on the streets of West Hollywood X (sic)."

Meanwhile, Rebel, 35, recently spoke about her "outrageous" experiences at A-list parties and why she tries not to drink too much when socialising in Hollywood.

She said: "I've been to a lot of Hollywood parties, and there are people I've respected who will be really drunk and say the craziest things. People have offered, like, threesomes! Sloppy is not usually a good look."