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Rebel Wilson: I'm eternally single

Rebel Wilson: I'm eternally single

Rebel Wilson needs to be more open to the idea of finding her soulmate.

The 35-year-old Australian actress split from comedian Mickey Gooch last year after four months of dating, but doesn't hold out much hope for meeting her perfect man anytime soon.

She said: "I've been eternally single and I think I like it a little bit too much. I need to be more open to the possibilities of love."

One of Rebel's main issues is that she is fiercly independent - a trait passed down from her mother.

She added to People: "I know what my problems are - I'm very independent and I always have been."

"She's [my mother] like, don't have kids too young and all this because it will ruin your life. So she's like, go out and travel and do stuff before you do all of that."

While Rebel is open to meeting someone in the future, she does have a few traits that would prove a massive turn off.

She added: "I don't like smoking. There's something about smoking, I'm like, no," she says.

"And then maybe like lying. When they say they didn't have a fiancé, and then two mates supported that. And I find out a few months later they did, in fact, have a fiancé back in the hotel. That's a bit bad."