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Rebecca Jeffery was happy to get fired from Apprentice

Rebecca Jeffery was happy to get fired from Apprentice

Rebecca Jeffery was "happy" she was fired from 'The Apprentice' because it was "killing" her not seeing her little boy.

The 31-year-old Design and Marketing business owner - who was given the boot in Thursday (10.11.16) night's show - felt ready to leave the competition when she did because she hated being away from her three-year-old son every day.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "By that point, I had also lost heart of it all a little bit because I was really missing my little boy, he's three-and-a-half and I normally pick him up everyday. It was really killing me and I was struggling not to have, kind of a hurt heart. When I got fired and knew that I was going to see my little boy the next day, I was happy".

The entrepreneur also insisted there is no bad blood between her and Lord Sugar because she expected to get the boot.

She said: "To be honest, I have lost every single task, I had been in the board room twice before, hadn't really done anythig that was really amazing or shone, so I think the decision was quite fair. I am quite genuine, I think Karren (Brady) said I was quite sincere as well, even when he fired me I think I had a smile on my face as well and when Trishna and Sofianne came out the room, I gave them a really big hug."

Despite missing out on the business investment, Rebecca insisted that she will be happy to see one of her fellow competitors take the £250,000 winnings as she hopes either children's clothing owner Frances Bishop, Novelty Gifts company owner Courtney Woods or make-up boss Grainne McCoy take the winning title next month.

'The Apprentice' will return to screens on November 17 at 9pm on BBC One.