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Rav Wilding's British Police Murdered on Duty series will show 'dangerous' life of police officer is

Rav Wilding's British Police Murdered on Duty series will show 'dangerous' life of police officer is

Rav Wilding's new series 'British Police Murdered on Duty' was created to show how "unpredictable and dangerous" life as a police officer is.

The 39-year-old television personality and former police officer has admitted the upcoming three-part series, which commemorates brave officers including Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone who were murdered in the line of duty, was created to reveal how "very very scary" life in the forces can be.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about the series, the dark-haired hunk said: "It is a three parter. It's obviously about registered police officers that were murdered whilst at work.

"What I want to get across in the series is how unpredictable and dangerous the world for the police is. And all three of these cases are people who were ambushed and then it completely changed a seemingly mundane situation to a murder in every one of these cases, and it is a very very potentially scary job."

And the former 'Crimewatch' presenter has described the first episode, which will detail the Shepherds Bush murders in 1966, as "historical".

He explained: "The first episode is almost historical, it's 1966, which is the first murder, which is the murder of three officers and it's known as the Shepherds Bush murders. It's quite a famous one, especially in London. The main effector was a guy called Harry Roberts who ambushed three unarmed police officers. The other episodes we have the murder of two unarmed female police officers Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes and that was up in Manchester, by a guy called Dale Cregan. And then there was one that happened in Leeds where PC Broadhurst was shot and killed by a guy called David Bieber."

'British Police Murdered On Duty' is set to hit our screens on Friday (11.11.16) at ‎10pm on a number of broadcasting networks including Investigation Discovery, Sky 522, Virgin 253 and BT 324.