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Rare naked photo of Angelina Jolie unveiled

Rare naked photo of Angelina Jolie unveiled

A rare naked photo of Angelina Jolie has gone on display at a London art gallery.

The 'Unbroken' director posed for photographer Kate Garner back in 1995 and two provocative images from the shoot - one which shows a 20 year old Angelina in a S&M style pose with her legs tied in a black band - are now available to view at Hampstead's Zebra One Gallery.

Speaking about the striking shots, Kate said: "Angelina explored different poses without much direction from me, including tying her legs together for what would become one of the most unique shots of her to ever be taken.

She added: "She wasn't afraid to experiment and be creative, which made for some absolutely beautiful photos."

The images capture the then young starlet's captivating beauty and alluring sexuality.

Kate revealed Angelina - who is now married to Brad Pitt - was "incredibly intense" but was a very likeable person to shoot.

She said: "I liked Angelina a lot, although it was a very conservative shoot ... She was quiet and incredibly intense, but she was also very gentle and extremely creative."

Prints of the shoot are available at a cost of £1,800 per photo. Visit for more information.