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Rachel McAdams: Relationships are demanding

Rachel McAdams: Relationships are demanding

Rachel McAdams thinks people are too "demanding" in relationships.

The 36-year-old actress - who has previously dated actors Ryan Gosling, Josh Lucas and Michael Sheen - believes romances have grown more "complicated" because people are more aware of what they want and expect.

Asked why she thinks it is hard to stay in love, she said: "I think everyone is more demanding. Women are independent and anxious about our role in society. Relationships are more complicated because we're conscious of what we want from them."

The 'True Detective' actress lives in her native Toronto, Canada, and admits she could "never" base herself in Los Angeles, despite it being the home of the film industry, because she finds it very "lonely".

She said: "I could never live in LA. I find it can be a lonely place.

"Everything revolves around the film industry.

"In Toronto, I can just forget work and be myself."

The 'Notebook' star enjoys working on romantic movies because she knows love stories always have appeal to audiences because of their universal theme.

She told LOOK magazine: "I enjoy exploring love and how people fall in love. If you tell a great love story, you'll attract an audience. We all know what it's like to fall in love. The difficulty is how relationships evolve over time."