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R. Kelly: A lot of babies came from my music

R. Kelly: A lot of babies came from my music

R. Kelly believes his music has changed the world.

The 48-year-old singer released debut album 12 Play back in 1993 and has since had hits including I Believe I Can Fly and Ignition (Remix).

Many of his tunes are considered to be the perfect soundtrack for a night of sultry adult time, and Kelly thinks there are thousands of children today that were products of listening to his music.

"The world as I've seen it is not the same anymore ever since the '90s, and that's where I was goin', musically,” the singer said during a chat with Mario Lopez on US TV show Extra on Wednesday (07Oct15). “There's a lot of babies out there off of R. Kelly."

In fact, some of those children were actually Kelly’s. And he acknowledges that the record had a massive affect on both his professional and personal lives.

"Well, it had an impact on my life, too, you know,” he said. “I got three kids off of that album!”

Kelly is father to daughters Joann and Jaya and son Robert Jr. with ex wife Andrea Kelly.

The singer is currently working on his 14th studio album Buffet, which is due for release on November 20.

He penned a staggering 467 songs for the record, but found it difficult to choose which made it onto the album.

"The album is still being mixed, and you know, while it's being mixed, I'll be in there trying to see if I get one last hit off… and put it on the album,” he said.

"I've got three generations of fans right now, so I wanted to put all of that music in there and set aside something for everybody.”

Despite various controversies in his personal life, Kelly remains one of the most sought after performers in the music industry.

It was rumoured earlier this year that he would be providing some musical entertainment at the upcoming wedding of Iggy Azalea and Nick Young.

When Mario asked Kelly if he would be performing any song in particular, he replied that it would be up to the bride and groom as to what he performs.

“It's a check, man,” he said. “You know, it’s business; if you want me to sing that song, no problem."

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