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Professor Green never fully embraced Millie Mackintosh's 'world'

Professor Green never fully embraced Millie Mackintosh's 'world'

Professor Green "never" moved in the same "world" as Millie Mackintosh.

The 'One Eye on the Door' rapper insists he never felt out of his depth with his Quality Street heiress ex-wife - a former star of reality show 'Made In Chelsea' - and her pals because he stuck with the same friends he's always had.

Asked if he felt at odds in Millie's usual haunts, he told Grazia magazine: "Mate, I never moved into that west London world.

"I have the same morals and values anywhere I go and I have the same circle of friends that I've always had. It's what keeps my world normal."

The 32-year-old musician also insisted 'One Eye on the Door' is not a break-up song, but rather acknowledges the "paranoia and guilt" he would feel at staying out too late.

He said: "This is not a break-up song. It's about a situation that occurred in a relationship, not the breakdown.

"It's about that feeling when all of a sudden it's six in the morning and I've stayed out longer than I said I would.

"It's about the paranoia and the guilt and knowing you're gonna get it in the neck."

Despite his personal upheaval, Green - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - insists he is feeling "content" and he is taking positive lessons from his divorce.

He said: "I'm content and I'm just enjoying all of it.

"It feels pretty good putting music out again and the response has been amazing. I haven't just had a turbulent couple of years. My turbulence has been my entire life. But the end of my marriage has taught me there's no permanence in life.

"You have to accept that most things are temporary and there's a real positive to be drawn from that. These days I'm just happy."