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Prince was surrounded by 'distraught' people when he died

Prince was surrounded by 'distraught' people when he died

Prince was surrounded by "distraught" people when he died.

The passing of the 57-year-old superstar - who collapsed in an elevator at his Paisley Park home on Thursday (04.21.16) - was reported by an unidentified male who found the singer unconcious and was lost for words when the 911 police operative tried to clarify the situation.

According to TMZ, who have obtained a transcript of the call, the confused man's first words to the dispatcher were "people are just distraught".

He added: "Um, we're at Prince's house" and moments later he stammered, said: "So, yeah, um, the person is dead here."

The man did not know the address of the singer's Paisley Park home in Minnesota, Illinois and called out to another person at the scene to provide the information.

The police operator then asked "are you with the person who is" and the caller interrupted, "Yes, it is Prince."

After paramadics arrived at the scene they checked Prince's body and reported back to dispatch, "You can cancel anybody going to Audubon, confirmed DOA (dead on arrival).

The 'Purple Rain' hitmaker was reportedly treated for a drugs overdose on April 15 after being taken ill on his private jet, and though his representatives insisted he was battling the flu, "multiple sources" told TMZ that was not the case.