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Prince was in constant pain

Prince was in constant pain

Prince was in pain "all the time".

The 'Raspberry Beret' hitmaker - who died at his Paisley Park estate on Thursday (21.04.16) - was constantly in agony after jumping off platforms in high heels for so much of his life, his former fiancé and collaborator Sheila E. has claimed.

She said: "I mean, you think about all the years he was jumping off those risers. They were not low - they were very, very high - and to jump off that ... First of all, the Purple Rain tour and the way that they were stacked, he had those heels on. We did a year of touring [and] for him to jump off of that - just an entire year would have messed up his knees. He was in pain all the time, but he was a performer."

The 58-year-old singer also admitted she is "trying to ignore the fact" the legendary singer is dead as she is struggling to come to terms with her loss.

She added to Entertainment Tonight: "I don't know if I can [ever say goodbye]. My emotions, you know, I'm trying not to process it. I'm trying to ignore the fact it is true, and I'm not looking at television. I can't see his face on television. It's just surreal, and it makes it reality when I see it."