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Prince's video date

Prince's video date

Prince once invited a woman back to his house - and they spent the night watching videos of him on stage.

The 'Purple Rain' singer - who was found dead at his Paisley Park estate last week - was a frequent visitor to London nightspot Stringfellows in the 1990s but never indulged in any wild behaviour.

Owner Peter Stringfellow said: "Many music stars came for wild parties but I never saw Prince drink a drop of alcohol.

"My favourite memory of him was when he took a shine to an absolutely stunning woman that was sitting with us.

"She talked to him all evening before he asked if she wanted to go back to his hotel suites to watch some videos. She assumed it was a chat up line but the next day she said they sat up for two hours watching videos of him performing on stage.

"She thought he was going to ask her to stay the night but he booked her a car home and thanked her for sharing her time with him. She said it was the most astonishing night."

In the early 90s, Prince famously changed his name to a symbol in a record company protest, but reassured those close to him they didn't need to struggle with the unpronounceable sign.

Peter told Closer magazine: "When he changed his name to a symbol, I asked him what I should call him now and he just said, 'Friend'. "