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Prince's sister to inherit his estate?

Prince's sister to inherit his estate?

Prince's sister could inherit his estate if he didn't leave a will.

The 'Purple Rain' hitmaker's only sibling Tyka Nelson could be awarded with an estimated $800 million under Minnesota state law if the legendary singer - who had no children or wives - failed to state in a legal document where he wants his money to go as she's his closest living relative.

The reclusive singer had grown closer to his 55-year-old sister in recent years but there was period, particularly when she was battling with a crack cocaine addiction and dabbling in prostitution, when their relationship became fraught.

Prince - who tragically passed away on April 21 at his home in Minnesota - has an estimated net worth of $300 million but is set to rake in even more in coming weeks due to the increase in sale of merchandise and music since his death.

According to Prince's first manager Owen Husney, the 57-year-old star's music catalogue is worth over $500 million due to the fact that, unlike other artists, he owned both his master recordings as well as his own music publishing.

He also had a large stash of unreleased music.

Meanwhile, the whole world was thrown into mourning when it was confirmed Prince's body had been found at his Paisley Park estate on Thursday morning (21.04.16).

A post-mortem has been carried out and, although the final cause of death won't be determined for a few weeks, it's thought there had been no trauma or violence in the time leading up to the singer's shocking death.

The Examiner's Officer also stated there is "no reason to believe" that Prince had committed suicide.

The star's body has now been released to his family.