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Prince's siblings agree to 'openly communicate'

Prince's siblings agree to 'openly communicate'

Prince's siblings have agreed to "openly communicate" with each other.

The late star's sister Tyka Nelson and his five half-siblings are battling over his reported $250 million estate after he died late last month without making a will and met in court in Minnesota on Monday (02.05.16).

Judge Kevin Eide appointed Prince's longtime bank Bremer Trust, National Association, as the "special administrator" to oversee Prince's estate.

According to the judge, all of Prince's heirs - Tyka and half-siblings Norrine and Sharon Nelson, Omarr Baker and Alfred Jackson - except for his half-brother John Nelson, agreed to the bank's appointment.

He added: "They have agreed to openly communicate with each other and to have regular communication.

"None of us has a crystal ball. We don't know what claims will be made, but we will address those as they come."

The court hearing lasted just minutes and none of the siblings spoke to waiting media outside afterwards.

Prince was found dead in an elevator at his Paisley Park estate late last month.