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Prince's half-brother wants to stay in home

Prince's half-brother wants to stay in home

Prince's half-brother is making a legal bid to stay in a house owned by the late singer.

Omarr Baker claims he took care of his mother Mattie Shaw for several years until her death in 2002 in exchange for the right to live in the Minnesota property the late 'Purple Rain' hitmaker built for his mom for the rest of his life, TMZ reports.

However, the company in charge of Prince's affairs has filed documents strongly suggesting they plan to sell off all of the singer's properties, prompting Omarr to make his legal bid.

He is said to be willing to work out the issue with the bank overseeing the '1999' star's assets but if they can't, he wants to take the dispute to court.

The news comes after it was revealed Prince's iconic Paisley Park property - where he was found dead from a Fentanyl overdose in April - could be listed for sale, despite his family's objections.

The property is reportedly among a number of homes that the administrators has filed legal papers asking the court to sell.

The court papers say, in reference to the home: "The properties that the special administrator is currently anticipating will be sold, and the appraised value of same are listed in spreadsheet attached as Exhibit A."

Paisley Park has reportedly been valued at around $7 million, with the website claiming the bank has enlisted an estate agent to help with the sale process.

Since Prince's death in April, the special administrator of his affairs has filed a legal request to start selling some of his real estate holdings, with the singer reported to have also owned properties in Beverly Hills, New York and elsewhere.

However, his family are apparently keen to ensure that the iconic Paisley Park estate does not feature as part of the auction.

It has been suggested the family are keen to explore the idea of turning the estate into a museum in memory of the 'Diamonds and Pearls' star.