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Prince 'full of energy' before he died

Prince 'full of energy' before he died

Prince was "full of energy" days before he died.

The 'U Got The Look' hitmaker tragically passed away on Thursday (21.04.16) at his Paisley Park estate but looked brimming with health during a bike ride around his home last Saturday (16.04.16).

His neighbour Mckensie Hasse spotted the star and even took pictures of him from far away and insisted he was "breezing through" and appeared "laid back".

Recalling that sunny afternoon, she told People: "It was just on Saturday when I got off work: sunny out, good weather, and I saw him biking on this little stretch out here. He looked laid-back and just kind of breezing through. It was kind of odd, just this icon biking through small-town Minnesota. He looked healthy, full of energy - it's not like he was struggling to bike. It looked like he was just enjoying a nice, sunny day."

News of the 57-year-old superstar's death shocked the music world and beyond and he previously revealed he wasn't ready to retire.

In a previously unreleased Q & A from 2014, he said: "No, I don't think about gone. I just think about in the future when I don't want to speak in real time.

"I don't know what [retiring] is. There's always some way to serve. And I never felt like I had a job. Well, life spans are getting longer. One of the reasons is because people are learning more about everything, so then the brain works more, makes more connections and then eventually we'll be in eternal brain mode because we'll be able to hold eternity in our minds."