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Prince awake for six days before death

Prince awake for six days before death

Prince stayed awake for six days before his death.

The legendary singer passed away aged 57 at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota on Thursday (21.04.16), and his brother-in-law has revealed the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker didn't sleep for "154 hours straight" before he was found dead in his lift.

Maurice Phillips, who is married to Prince's sister Tyka Nelson, said: "I was with him just last weekend.

"He worked 154 hours straight. He was a good brother-in-law."

However, detectives have been told Prince was hooked on sleep-inducing painkillers.

A recent report claimed Prince overdosed on the painkiller Percocet that he was taking for a chronic hip problem six days before his death.

But it is now claimed that taking the prescription drug could actually keep users awake in extreme cases if it is mixed with other medication.

Police are still investigating his death but do not believe he committed suicide.

A police source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Prince's medical history is at the top of detectives' list when it comes to cause of his death."

A private funeral service is due to be held for the late star in Chanhassan, which is home to Paisley Park, in early May.