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Popular Harry Styles

Popular Harry Styles

Harry Styles is extremely popular on the 'Dunkirk' set.

The One Direction singer will make his feature film debut in Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie and Harry has won over the cast and crew with his down-to-earth attitude and hard work.

A source told "Harry is a great, great guy and Christopher Nolan and everyone on set love his drive and hard work. He really has been doing an unbelievable job and he should definitely keep acting.

"He asks questions and wants to do the best he can and he doesn't take the job lightly. He is not a primadonna, and really wants to be one of the guys."

Cillian Murphy, who also stars in the movie, recently said he thinks Harry will do "fantastically" in 'Dunkirk' - without his advice.

The 40-year-old actor thinks the One Direction star will make a good job of his debut movie role because director Christopher only allows "talented people" in his films.

Asked what tips he would give the 22-year-old singer, he said: "It's not my job to give advice to people like that. Chris Nolan cast Harry Styles, and Chris Nolan knows what he's doing.

"He's not going to cast someone that doesn't have talent. I've hung out with Harry and he's a really cool kid, and I'm sure he'll do fantastically.

"But no. I hope I'm not in the 'elderly actor giving advice' bracket yet. That would give me a pain in the hole, to be honest."