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Police called to Minnie Driver neighbour row

Police called to Minnie Driver neighbour row

Minnie Driver was visited by police yesterday (03.05.16) following a row with her neighbour.

The 'Good Will Hunting' actress reportedly "went ballistic on" Daniel Perelmutter when a delivery driver taking something to his house mistakenly parked in front of her Hollywood Hills home, blocking off her driveway.

According to website TMZ, the pair ended up screaming so loudly at one another, police were called to calm the situation.

However, after quieting the rowing pair, officers warned them their feud was a civil matter which should be settled in court.

The 46-year-old actress has had run-ins with her neighbour before and last November, she obtained a restraining order against the 74 year old.

The 'Riches' star filed documents to Los Angeles Superior Court, in which she alleged Daniel had told her to "f**k off and die" on several occasions, and twice jumped out in front of her car, forcing her to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting him.

On one occasion, which occurred a week before she applied for the restraining order, the British actress - who has seven-year-old son Henry with former boyfriend Timothy J. Lea and is dating father-of-two Neville Wakefield - claims she got out of her car and Daniel began cursing at her, and blew cigar smoke in the faces of the children she was with.

Minnie did not mention any motive in her paperwork for the "aggressive conduct".

The neighbour - who was ordered to stay 15 yards away from the actress - admitted there is tension between himself and the actress due to an ongoing land dispute, but claimed Minnie was more aggressive than him, and that she had tried to run him down with her car.