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Pixie Lott: We're not glamorous

Pixie Lott: We're not glamorous

Pixie Lott insists she and Oliver Cheshire are not a glamorous couple.

Although the 'Mama Do' singer is a household name and her hunky boyfriend works as a model, she says the pair are more likely to be found at home in their pyjamas rather than at a showbiz party.

Asked if they lead a glamorous life, she said: "Doesn't feel like it when we go home and just get into our PJs or whatever."

And while the couple have been together for over four years, Pixie says marriage is not on the cards right now - but things could change.

She said: "We're happy as we are. In the future . . . who knows?"

Pixie, 25, is currently starring on stage in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and admitted, despite being a pop star, she was extremely nervous about the role.

She told Review magazine: "Coming out singing with a guitar for the first time on stage was really nerve-racking. I hadn't had those sort of nerves for a long time. It was the same with doing 'Strictly'. I'd been in a comfort zone. I'd do concerts and not be nervous at all, just go out and do it, for years, back to back. It is good to come out of that and learn to deal with new pressures.

"Even though it is horrible at the time because you are nervous, it's healthier in the long run because you can handle those pressures, anything that comes at you. And I just want to do things that challenge me as a performer."