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Pixie Lott's hopes for her future children

Pixie Lott's hopes for her future children

Pixie Lott wants children - and has travelled to Rio to focus on becoming a clean energy campaigner so they can inherit a healthier planet.

The singer has spent the summer portraying Holly Golightly in the stage version of Audrey Hepburn's 1961 film 'Breakfast At Tiffany's but she is now in Rio de Janeiro to support the launch of a solar-powered project in one of the city's most famous favelas.

Pixie played a concert in the Santa Marta community, whose 8,000 residents suffer from a lack of access to reliable and affordable electricity and is working with energy giant Shell, who are supporting the installation of solar panels in Santa Marta as part of its cleaner energy initiative, #makethefuture.

Pixie has joined the Make the Future campaign alongside five international musicians including Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson. They have all come together to make an interactive music video featuring the song 'Best Day Of My Life' to highlight the need for access to clean energy around the world.

Pixie, who has been dating 28-year-old model Oliver Cheshire for six years, said: "I feel so honoured to be a small part of #makethefuture - the whole thing has a really positive vibe about it.

"It's so important for everyone to be aware of environmental issues, and to educate young people about them. I eventually want children, and when I do have them, I want them to inherit a better world that works together to look after the environment."

Brazil-based start-up company Insolar is installing the solar panels in Santa Marta, which will provide the equivalent of 185,000 days of free, clean power to the community.

Alongside Pixie and Jennifer, the 'Best Day Of My Life' video will also feature Brazilian singer Luan Santana, American DJ Steve Aoki, Chinese singer Tan WeiWei and Nigerian pop idol Yemi Alade.

Despite this year's Olympics bringing money into Brazil, the country is still blighted by a lack of infrastructure and reliable public services. An estimated 1.4 million residents of Rio's 763 favelas are affected by rising energy prices and an unreliable power supply.

The installation of solar panels in Santa Marta is the start of an 'energy relay' that will see bright energy technologies installed in continents around the world.

This month, #makethefuture will move on to Kenya, where Shell is working with GravityLight - a UK-based start-up that has developed a gravity-powered lamp designed to improve health and wellness across Kenya by bringing clean, affordable light to low income homes.

Search #makethefuture for more information and visit You can sign the pledge for a cleaner energy future worldwide at