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Phillip Schofield threatens to perform vasectomy

Phillip Schofield threatens to perform vasectomy

Phillip Schofield has threatened to perform a vasectomy on Holly Willougby's husband.

The 'This Morning' presenter has warned his co-host's husband Daniel Baldwin not to get her pregnant again as he misses her too much when she's on maternity leave.

Speaking about her return to the ITV show next month, Phil said: "And she's not having any more babies ... I've told her husband Dan that if he ever falls asleep anywhere near me I'll give him the snip myself."

However, Holly - who has children Harry, six, Belle, four, and five-month-old Chester with Dan - confessed she would consider having another.

She said: "Never say never."

Amanda Holden and Christine Bleakley replaced Holly during her absence and while Phil enjoyed working with them both, he's confessed he's not sure he'd remain on the show if the blonde beauty quit for good.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "If she'd decided not to come back I'd have had to rethink my own position. If Holly had said, 'I'm going', I'd have had to think seriously about whether I wanted to go on."