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Phil Collins to return to Madison Square Garden?

Phil Collins to return to Madison Square Garden?

Phil Collins could be returning to New York's Madison Square Garden for the first time in 10 years.

The 'Against All Odds' hitmaker announced his return to music at the end of 2015 - after spending a decade in semi-retirement due to a dislocated vertebrae in his neck and problems with alcoholism - and according to music insiders he could end up playing one of his biggest comeback shows at the 18,000 capacity arena.

A source close to the former Genesis drummer said: "He was a little uncertain about how he would be greeted for a comeback, but the reaction to his re-released albums have really buoyed his spirits.

"He's not focused on playing at giant stadiums, but wants more intimate shows at theatres and arenas.

"The record label knows it will be a sellout, but wants to make sure that Phil is committed to the shows and that insurers give him the go-ahead without ramifications."

However, those hoping the 65-year-old prog rock legend to play the drums will be disappointed as his back problems and long-standing neck injury prevent him from doing so.

According to the insider, his 14-year-old son Nicholas - whom he has with his third ex-wife Orianne Cevey, who he is now in a relationship with again - could replace him on percussion specially for the show.

The source told The New York Daily News newspaper's [email protected] column: "Obviously playing the drums may be problematic, but singing is a possibility. He has some hearing issues, but in rehearsals with his band last year he sounded strong."

Whether the show will go ahead is down to Phil himself, who has been working on new songs for an album.

The insider added: "He has written some new material, but not yet decided what is next. It would be natural for the album to compliment the tour."

Phil last played Madison Square Garden on his 2007 'Turn It On Again' tour.