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Phil Collins calls himself a 'cheap sl*t'

Phil Collins calls himself a 'cheap sl*t'

Phil Collins behaved like a "cheap sl*t" while he was in Genesis.

The 65-year-old singer begged The Who to take him on while he was still with his successful band as he felt he was the right replacement for drummer Keith Moon following his death in 1978, but was left devastated when he was snubbed in favour of Kenney Jones.

According to, Phil told his fans in New York City on Wednesday (26.10.16): "I was just a cheap sl*t. I would have left [Genesis], and I think I would have done the job very well."

Although he'd love to join the 'Who Are You' hitmakers, Phil believes the band have finally found a drummer who matches Keith's talent.

He said recently: "They've got a great drummer now in Zak Starkey, he's fantastic. Someone with the balls that Keith Moon had."

And the 'In The Air Tonight' hitmaker may never get his chance to rub shoulders with the rock legends as he recently revealed he can no longer play the drums like he used to because of a "mystery" affliction.

He explained: "I'll never play the way I used to.

"Something happened on the Genesis reunion tour. At the end of each show, I had a drumming duel with Chester Thompson, and one night something happened. It just went. I tried everything - bigger drumsticks and so on, but it just never came back.

"It's a mystery what happened, I just couldn't get it back. But I'm 65 and I played drums since I was five. I'd like to have the choice about being able to play, but I'm not going to cry myself to sleep about it."

Phil left Genesis in 1996 to pursue a solo career and, although he hasn't been seen on stage for 10 years, he recently announced a nine-date European tour - entitled the 'Not Dead Yet: Live 2017 Tour' - in June 2017, including a five-night residency at London's Royal Albert Hall.