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Peter Andre wants kids to forge police career

Peter Andre wants kids to forge police career

Peter Andre wants his children to become police officers or ambulance workers.

The 43-year-old star "dreams" of 11-year-old son Junior and nine-year-old daughter Princess - his kids with Katie Price - working for the emergency services when they are older, but has already told his son he cannot be a cop in the US because they carry guns.

When asked if he wants the youngsters to work for the police or the ambulance service when they grow up, he replied: "Absolutely! That would be my dream.

"But I've told J I never want him to be a policeman in America because they carry guns.

"I might get flack for saying this, but I think the British police force are the politest.

"You don't get that in Australia or America - you get shot before you can say anything."

The TV presenter - who has 19-month-old daughter Amelia with wife Emily MacDonagh, who is expecting their second child together - also joked he plans to take Princess to a nunnery when she is 16 and admitted he hopes she gets posing for pictures "out of her system".

Speaking to new! magazine, he quipped: "I hope she gets it out of her system because she'll be going to the nunnery at 16.

"I'm not having it. I'll allow her to befriend a priest."

Peter's hopes for Junior and Princess' future come as Katie admitted she allowed the pair to join Instagram - breaking the social media site's Terms and Conditions, which only let 13 years olds and over make accounts - so they can further their showbiz career.

Speaking on the panel of 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (30.08.16), she said: "No buts, I don't care. This is the point I am in no way a bad parent. I've got five beautiful, healthy, loving and well-mannered children. My kids have been brought up in the industry with their dad and me on TV shows, everyone knows who they are. Now they are being booked themselves for TV shows, modelling jobs and stuff like that. Social media is the future ... The accounts are open but if you look on it they have contacts for work, they're getting booked for things, it's a business thing ... They've grown up in the industry, they're dad had them on his reality show for five years, they've been on my shows and they're on my horse show."