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Peter Andre wants another baby

Peter Andre wants another baby

Peter Andre "can't wait" to have another baby.

The 'Behind Closed Doors' singer already has Junior, nine, and Princess, seven, with ex-wife Katie Price, and 16-month-old Amelia with his fiancée Emily MacDonagh but he is keen to add to his family after he and his doctor partner marry next year.

Asked if he wants to try for another baby, he said: "When we're married, yeah. I can't wait to try for that."

Though Peter was hoping for another son before Amelia was born, he doesn't mind whether his next child is a girl or a boy.

He said: "I wanted a boy before Mills was born. I was like, 'Boy, boy boy,' and then she was born.

"I wasn't gutted - I was happy - but I've fallen so in love with her that I'd happily have another girl. In which case, Junior will be the only boy in our house so he'll feel special."

The 42-year-old singer is happy to "spoil" his children but doesn't want them to grow to be "brats".

Speaking to the latest issue of New! magazine, he explained: "I don't mind them being spoilt but I don't want them being brats. As long as they're appreciative and respectful, they can have whatever they want. But if they start demanding, they ain't getting."