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Peter Andre in talks to revive reality show

Peter Andre in talks to revive reality show

Peter Andre is in talks to bring his reality TV show back.

The 43-year-old TV presenter is keen to reprise ITV2 reality series 'Peter Andre: My Life' after ending the programme on a high, and admitted he has entered negotiations about bringing the show back for a few more seasons.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I'm thinking about brining my show back. It would be nice to do one or two more series. I'm in talks for that at the moment.

"We did 10 series in the end but I said after the fifth series if we ever do 10 we'll call it a day because at one point the ratings will drop.

"The ratings at the end were actually the highest we had."

The 'Mysterious Girl' hitmaker admitted his children Junior, 10, and Princess, eight - who he has with ex-wife Katie Price, 37 - are particularly keen to star alongside their dad on the small screen again.

He added: "It's been about three years. The kids would like it to come back. They have asked me if it is coming back."

However, Peter admitted his wife Emily MacDonagh and their two-year-old daughter Amelia may not be on the show if she would rather they stayed away from the cameras.

He explained: "With me, I'm from a public background but Emily is from a private background so may well not want her and Amelia to be in it. I would respect that."