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Peter Andre cried at pregnancy news

Peter Andre cried at pregnancy news

Peter Andre cried when he found out his wife was pregnant.

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer was stunned when spouse Emily and their two-year-old daughter Amelia handed him a gift-wrapped pregnancy test and initially didn't realise what they were trying to tell him.

Emily said: "Millie and I wrapped up the test and put it in a little bag. When Pete got home I told him we had got him a present. He didn't get it and was just looking at the test. He thought I'd just bought one to do!.

"Pete started crying when I told him I was pregnant. He was really happy."

While they are excited about their impending new arrival, the 27-year-old doctor recently had to go to hospital as she has been having contractions.

However, she insists everything is fine with her and the unborn baby.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: "I had to go to the hospital two weeks ago because I'm having contractions already, which makes me think this baby could come early like Amelia.

"I rang my mum [who is a paediatrician] and said they were happening every two minutes.

"I thought she would say it was fine but she told me to go to the hospital.

"They hooked me up to a monitor. The doctors don't know why I'm having them, but the baby is happy, healthy and moving around."

After having Amelia three weeks early, Emily and Peter - who also has son Junior, 11, and daughter Princess, nine - are prepared for their new baby to also come before her due date so are trying to be as organised as possible.

Emily said: "I could end up having the baby really close to Christmas.

"We're just going to make sure we're super-organised for when the baby arrives."