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Pete Wentz: Fatherhood is like taking 'happy pills'

Pete Wentz: Fatherhood is like taking 'happy pills'

Pete Wentz has likened fatherhood to "taking happy pills".

The Fall Out Boy star - who has seven-year-old son Bronx with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson and 18-month-old son Saint with his current partner Meagan Camper - admits becoming a dad had given his life a whole new perspective and just hearing his little one laugh "changes his mood" instantly.

He told The Red Bulletin: "I have two kids, and if I hang out with them it's pretty much like taking happy pills. When you hear a one-year-old laugh, it's pretty much the funniest thing on the planet. It changes my mood ...

"My highs, my happiness are really high and my lows are very low and I'm not able to regulate between the two. Through actual therapy and having kids it's way more under control and something I can see when I'm on the roller coaster and control it more."

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old singer previously revealed he doesn't mind getting older but worries how it affects his music.

He said: "In a good, like, 70 percent of my life, my age really makes sense - like when I'm at school assemblies. And I'm on the young side of the parents there.

"But it does make me think, what are the next steps for our band? We're in such an in-between thing. We're not a legacy act, and we're not in this echelon of bands that automatically plays the halftime show. We're not there yet. And that's OK. There's still more for us to do. How do we play Wrigley Field? How do we headline festivals?"