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Penny Lancaster: Rod's management ordered me out of heels

Penny Lancaster: Rod's management ordered me out of heels

Penny Lancaster was ordered to "drop the high heels" when she started dating Rod Stewart.

The 6ft model towers above the 'Maggie May' singer - who stands at just 5ft 8in tall - and when they first got together his management were worried that their height difference would look odd and diminish the 'Maggie May' singer's heartthrob status.

During an appearance on 'Loose Women', the statuesque beauty recalled: "When I first met my husband his management asked me to drop the high heels and wear flats because otherwise you're going to need to drop the heels because you make our artist look short."

Despite the concerns, Rod, 71, "loves" seeing his gorgeous wife - who he wed in 2007 - in a pair of sexy sky scraper heels, although she does worry that they make her look "Amazonian" beside him.

Penny continued: "He really loves me wearing the heels absolutely. But he's a gentleman, he often says, 'You first through the door,' and I'm like, 'No, no, no, because there's a camera, and I'm going to look like an Amazonian and you're going to look like my son behind me!' "

The couple have two sons, 10-year-old Alastair and five-year-old Aiden, together and a busy household to run.

But Rod isn't afraid to get his hands dirty with house work when Penny, 45, needs help, but he often jokes that other rock stars aren't made to scrub floors.

She shared: "He does do a little bit of dusting, and clean up if there's something spilt on the floor, or even iron his shirt from time to time. He'll go, 'Don't worry, I'll do this.' And then he goes, 'I bet Elton John doesn't do this, or Bruce Springsteen doesn't do this.' So he's quite proud of that."