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Peaches Geldof's best friend's emotional tribute

Peaches Geldof's best friend's emotional tribute

Peaches Geldof's best friend has paid an emotional tribute to the late star.

Lily Gutierrez, who has known Peaches since childhood, paid tribute to her friend ahead of the second anniversary of her death from an accidental heroin overdose.

In an article for, Lily wrote: "The thing I miss most about Peaches, above her quick wit and spark, above her ability to mesmerise, is her heart. I miss the heart that she often tried to keep hidden, anyone who caught a glimpse of it knew it was gigantic. She loved so much. Sometimes silently. Her tenderness was found in strange places, silly dances and cartoon drawings, and now a kiss on the lips in the privacy of a dream.

"How lucky am I that this friend of mine, that I hold in such high esteem, returned my love. That thought alone will always make me smile."

Lily - who was maid of honour at Peaches' wedding to Thomas Cohen - also revealed her regret that she did not return the favour when she got married.

When Peaches asked what her role would be in Lily's wedding, the young woman replied: "Just a guest, We're having a small wedding."

However, she explained in her article: "I wish I had made her my maid-of-honour and not worried about her ability to turn up on time and be polite in her role. How silly I was, sometimes I forgot what mattered."

And Lily revealed that her friend often visits her in her dreams.

She said: "Two years ago, my dear friend died, but still she visits me in my dreams. Often as bossy and rude as in life, but always hypnotic. Her visits are fleeting, but she always remembers to kiss me on the lips."