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Paula Patton: My son has his dad's talent for music

Paula Patton: My son has his dad's talent for music

Paula Patton says her son is following in his dad's musical footsteps.

Julian Fuego is said to be taking after his chart-topping father Robin Thicke when it comes to his enthusiasm for making music, according to Paula, 40.

Speaking of her six-year-old son, the Hollywood actress said: "He's taking after his father now, as he loves to sing and play the piano."

Paula's latest movie, 'Warcraft', was made during the time her marriage to Robin fell apart and the stunning actress admitted she could see parallels between her real-life struggles and those of her half-human, half-Orc character.

She told Haute Living: "When I was making that movie, it was a very challenging time as I was making changes in my personal life. It was interesting because the Garona character was going through a lot of challenges as well.

"I think the important thing is not to focus on what's not working or how hard it is. You have to focus on what you do have and make it work, and make it be the best you can."

Paula's ten-year marriage officially came to an end in 2015 and the actress said that in spite of her personal troubles, she still gave her all to her latest movie.

On the flip side, the actress also ensured that the wellbeing of her young son remained her number one priority.

Paula said: "At the end of the day, whatever project I do, I give it all my heart, soul and passion.

"I am very grateful to do what I do, but my child comes first. Always. As long as I know that, then everything else falls in line and you just do the best you can."