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Paul Sullivan is fired from The Apprentice

Paul Sullivan is fired from The Apprentice

Paul Sullivan has been fired from 'The Apprentice'.

The 38-year-old marketing agency owner has become the latest contestant to be given the boot from the competition by Lord Sugar - and miss out on the £250,000 prize money - after he failed to lead his team Nebula to success in an event organising task.

The hunk was chosen to be project manger of his team by the business tycoon and, after a discussion, he opted for Jessica Cunningham to be his sub team leader.

The group got off to a good start as they were dished out their location of Madame Tussauds in London and were told to put on a snazzy event with food and drink.

Nebula decided to run a casino night with canapés and a glass of bubbly upon arrival, but their group started to crumble after the pricing strategy for tickets flopped almost straight away and Jessica, Sofiane Khelfa and Trishna Thakrar sold at different prices.

The other team - Titans - was lead by Dillon St Paul and his sub team leader was Grainne McCoy and, although they stuck to their price of £55 for tickets, they found themselves in hot water when there was confusion over the entertainment being put on.

Grainne and her partner Courtney Wood had told potential buyers that they were putting on a Deep Sea Show, which would see a mermaid holding her breath for at least a minute or so and dancing under water, at the London Aquarium, but it was later realised that there was no water antics and all entertainment was on the floor.

Due to Nebula's mess of the tickets, Paul and his partner Frances Bishop agreed to slash the budget on the canapés and serve up cream cheese with cucumber and tomato and basil on crackers to their guests to try and increase their profit.

He then decided to relegate Frances to sub team leader and take the title away from Jessica as he believed the children's clothing company owner would do a better job.

Titans, on the other hand, exceeded the amount of paying customers and ended up making 400 complimentary canapés and, in turn, only sold one piece of hot food.

Although Nebula thought their lack of food would encourage guests to dig in their pockets and buy the burgers they had for sale on the hot stands, they actually ended up losing almost £200 because Jessica had initially told 35 guests that hot food was included.

Once Paul got wind of the situation, he confronted Jessica but, rather than pull her to one side, he started screeching at her in front of their customers.

However, the brunette beauty managed to rectify the situation by putting on an impressive guided tour with Trishna, while Courtney - from Titans - put on a lacklustre performance when he showed people around the aquarium.

Once in the boardroom, Titans were thrilled to learn they'd won the task by over £1,000, while Nebula squabbled over who was to blame for their failed event.

Paul opted to bring back Jessica and Frances into the boardroom but let himself down by losing his temper and, in turn, began raising his voice at Lord Sugar.

Both girls broke down in tears as they pleaded their case and the tycoon immediately pointed his finger at Paul and told him he was fired.

He said: "Paul, I think that you made a very, very big error in the pricing strategy, and you can't lose your rag every single time something goes wrong, and you did lose your rag on this task in representing me in front of customers."