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Paul O'Grady to write Cilla Black's biography

Paul O'Grady to write Cilla Black's biography

Cilla Black's family want Paul O'Grady to write her biography.

The 60-year-old star was devastated when his close friend passed away after suffering a stroke last year, and the late 'Blind Date' host's son and manager, Robert, is keen for him to share their stories with the world.

Paul said: "Robert said, 'You're the only one we want to write a book about my mum because we know you'll do her justice.' I've got a wealth of Cilla stories - all the people we met, Yoko, Ringo, all of them."

But the 'Animal Orphans' host has currently got his hands full with another project - restoring a vintage caravan.

He said: "I'm restoring a gypsy caravan. It's a labour of love, but it's gorgeous. It's 150 years old and used to hold a family of six. It's got a stove in it and I've slept in it loads of times. A guy who worked for me came in one morning and said, 'You've got five bedrooms and a big kitchen and you're living in a gypsy caravan.' "

Paul recently travelled to Borneo for 'Animal Orphans' and almost turned his back on his TV career after falling in love with a one-year-old orangutan orphan named Archie.

He admitted to HELLO! magazine: "I was this close to saying, 'I'm not coming back, I'm going to stay with Archie.'

"You get so attached. I'd have cancelled my flight and worked as a volunteer for a few months.. It's heartbreaking to see the baby orangutans and I thought, 'I can't leave you.' But I realised I had to be professional and go home - I had work to do. I adopted him and will definitely go back."