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Paul Feig calls out Shane Richie on game show blunder

Paul Feig calls out Shane Richie on game show blunder

Ghostbusters director Paul Feig has pleaded with Shane Richie to give a contestant on 'Decimate' his deserved winnings.

The 54-year-old filmmaker tweeted the British TV host on behalf of game show hopeful John after he lost out on £2000 for supposedly getting the answer to "who played Dr Erin Gilbert in Paul's reboot of the classic film?" wrong.

John correctly answered Kristen Wig but was told by Shane it was her co-star Melissa McCarthy and eagle eyed viewers at home quickly alerted the director to the blunder through Twitter.

Keen to use the power of social media to rectify the injustice, Paul wrote on the social blogging site today (22.10.16): "Dear whatever game show this is, the guy got the answer right. Kristen played Dr. Erin Gilbert. Give them the win! (sic)"

He added: "Dear @BBC & @realshanerichie, a grave injustice has been done. A right answer to a Ghostbusters question was ruled wrong. Please correct! (sic)"

Shane - who is also an actor - was delighted to be contacted by the Hollywood heavyweight and joked it was a deliberate ruse to get a role in a 'Ghostbusters' sequel.

He said: "Dear @paulfeig I actually did it on purpose NOW I've got your attention I'm ready to be a ghostbuster in the hopefully soon to be follow up...

"bloody yrs been trying to get attention of a Hollywood director.touring plays,Tv dramas auditions etc .1 f**k up on afternoon game show (sic)"