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PAtricia Arquette suffered over Oscars speech

PAtricia Arquette suffered over Oscars speech

Patricia Arquette claims she has lost jobs over her Oscars acceptance speech.

The 47-year-old actress spoke about gender inequality and the pay gap when she picked up the Best Supporting Actress award for 'Boyhood' at the 2015 Academy Awards and she has admitted her impassioned address has had an impact on her career.

Speaking on 'The Lowdown With Diana Madison', she said: "Great things have happened, some laws have passed, some changes have happened but there's a long way to go.

"I told my boyfriend, I might not get work after this. It's nice to have a cheap labour pool, and when you start saying: 'You have to pay these people more money its not fair', people get mad and I have lost a couple of jobs for it.

"I could probably do something about it, but I don't want to work with those people...karma takes care of it."

Last year, Jennifer Lawrence hit out at the pay gap issue, and Patricia thinks she was very "brave" to speak up.

She said: "I'm really annoyed that she got a lot of flack for it...its really disgusting because its 98% of all businesses that are doing this.

"It has to be talked about, we have to start addressing it. It was a brave thing of her to say."

But the 'True Romance' star insists she has it "easier" than other actresses.

She said: "II have had it easier...I do have white skin. When I was younger I fit into a certain type that people employed more and gave a chance to."