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Paris Jackson 'pees at same time' as her cat

Paris Jackson 'pees at same time' as her cat

Paris Jackson and her cat "pee at the same time".

The 18-year-old daughter of late superstar Michael Jackson revealed she keeps her pet's litter box in her own bathroom so that she and her feline friend can go to the toilet together.

In a tweet to her 1.23 million followers, Paris said: "when you keep the litter box in the bathroom and you and your cat go to pee at the same time #soulmates (sic)."

And she retweeted a reply from a follower who joked: "kinda gets awkward when you end up looking each other in the eye. Does for me anyway (sic)."

Paris adopted the cat Ember five weeks ago from the Best Friends Animal Society and the pair have quickly grown close

She often posts pictures and videos of the cat on Instagram and gushed about the newest member of her family, when she first brought her home.

She wrote on Instagram: "so this little angel is Ember. she's a rescue kitty from Best Friends Animal Society, where she was taken care of after she had her first litter before she even reached the age of one year. there are so many sweethearts just like her that need homes and loving families to take care of them. unfortunately i could only bring one snuggle-bug home with me and i'm happy to say it was Ember. the adoption process at BFAS is very quick and simple, so if you're in the area, please make a stop. i promise at least one of the cats or dogs there will steal your heart (sic)."

Meanwhile, Paris - whose mother is Debbie Rowe - recently admitted her extensive collection of tattoos have helped to cover up her "dark past" and feelings of "self-hatred".

She now has 23 inkings and to Paris - who was only 11 when her father died in 2009 - the pieces are more than just body art as each time she looks in the mirror she remembers how far she has come since being sectioned to a psychiatric hospital for three months in 2013 after an overdose.

Paris has vowed to continue "fighting" and hopes that she inspires other people to be "strong" and know that they are "not alone".