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Paris Hilton gives $100 to homeless man

Paris Hilton gives $100 to homeless man

Paris Hilton has given $100 to a homeless man who wanted "pizza and sex".

The 35-year-old business woman was celebrating her Bella magazine cover at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday (13.09.16) when she handed the money to a homeless man outside Bagatelle - a popular French bistro.

A witness told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "He asked her for $100 as she left the party. She gave the man a crisp Benjamin Franklin."

Witnesses also told the publication that the unnamed man had been asking people for the money all night, telling them it was to pay for "pizza and sex".

If the mystery man wants to thank the blonde beauty for her help, his best bet is to find the star on social media, as she recently revealed that she runs all her own accounts.

She said: "Yes I do own my social media, definitely. I think it's important to talk to my fans myself. I do have a team member to help me post things I want, but I mostly Snapchat, tweet and post on Instagram myself. I love how social media means I can connect with my fans more personally and show them my life and hear their stories."

The news of Paris' good deed comes after she recently revealed that despite all her achievements in the business world, she still finds herself stereotyped as the "blonde bimbo" who appeared with Nicole Richie in 'The Simple Life', and she loves proving people wrong.

She said: "I find it really interesting. It makes me laugh because people expect me to walk in and speak like a baby and say, 'That's hot.' A lot of people are very surprised and blown away. I love that. There are so many misconceptions about me. It feels good to prove people wrong. It's a nice feeling."