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Pamela Anderson urged to do Playboy by son

Pamela Anderson urged to do Playboy by son

Pamela Anderson's son told her to pose for Playboy's final nude issue.

The 49-year-old actress - who has kids Dylan, 20, and Brandon, 18, with ex-husband Tommy Lee - admitted stripping for the adult publication for the 14th time earlier this year was a "real honour" and she agreed to founder Hugh Hefner's request she return to the magazine that made her famous at the urging of one of her kids.

She said: "It was a real honour. I never thought I would do a cover again. I remember when Hef called me, my son was next to me and he said, 'Mom, you've got to do it!' So I did."

The former 'Baywatch' actress has been taking her to Hefner's infamous Playboy Mansion ever since they were young babies, but was left mortified when they finally realised what the magazine mogul did for a living.

She said: "My kids have been going to the Playboy mansion since they were born.

"Hef would always tell them things like, 'Your mom couldn't afford clothes when she got here'

"One time, I think they kind of realised what was going on, and they said, 'Mom I was just at the grotto. Do you know what Hef does for a living?' I said, 'I don't know, what?' 'He takes pictures of naked girls.' I was like, 'Oh my God, let's get out of here.' "

Pamela finds it quite tough to see 90-year-old Hefner - who is married to Crystal Harris, 30 - these days because his body is "falling apart".

She said: "I remember when I first met him. He walked into the room and stole the show. It was beyond rock-star.

"Hef has always been a pioneer, setting the stage for all of us. When I saw him not too long ago, it was hard to see him in a walker.

"He's always been this strong person - and I know that he's still strong, but to see his body fall apart is hard."

And the blonde beauty will always treasure the early days of her career because she learned so much, even if she insists things were tamer than people assume.

She told Dazed magazine: "I really miss the Playboy days, It was wild... It was my university: sex, art, philanthropy, and just being around really talented, wonderful people. On Sunday nights we would all watch movies and stay around for the Jacuzzi. I even used to call Hef up in the middle of the night and ask him, 'What are you doing?' He would say, 'I'm eating a peanut butter sandwich. Come on over!'

"It was really innocent. I mean, we weren't too innocent, but it was very free and nothing compares."