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Pamela Anderson in fight against fish farming

Pamela Anderson in fight against fish farming

Pamela Anderson has joined in the fight against fish farming.

The former 'Baywatch' babe - who is an active animal rights campaigner - is urging people to chose wild salmon over farmed products as she claims it's healthier for them and the environment.

Speaking in Vancouver, Canada, Pamela said: "The bottom line is that fish farms in the oceans are polluting the oceans. Please take this into your own hands and simply say no to farmed salmon."

She added: "I learned about the fish farms and how devastating they are.

"Even my mother said, 'By eating farmed salmon, aren't I helping wild salmon?' That's a misconception."

The mother-of-two was joined by environmental advocate David Suzuki as she helped raise awareness of the presence of a virus in farmed salmon for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Pamela - who has fronted campaigns for PETA in the past - said: "Salmon farms keep pens in the ocean, where the fish swim in their own faeces, and breed disease and sea lice that kill wild salmon, threatening the orcas' ability to feed.

"The consumer has the power to help and not purchase farmed salmon."

She also posted on her Twitter: "I just signed this petition. Please join me", followed by a link to end open-net salmon farming.

However, Jeremy Dunn - the executive director of British Columbia's Salmon Farmer's Association - hit back at the campaign and said: "We're disappointed that this latest publicity stunt is attempting to paint a misleading picture of an industry that provides a healthy, sustainable product that feeds millions of people."