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Pamela Anderson: If I form a sentence I’m a genius

Pamela Anderson: If I form a sentence I’m a genius

Baywatch star Pamela Anderson wishes people would realise she has more going on up top than they give her credit for.

The blonde beauty is best known for her role as C.J. Parker in the classic 90s lifeguard series as well as posing nude for publications like Playboy. Pamela is also a passionate member of the animal rights movement but despite this people still have the perception that she is an airhead, much to her bemusement.

“I meet people and they go, ‘You are so unlike what we think you are’,” she told Britain’s The Times newspaper. “I don’t know whose fault that is but maybe there is just a little bit more going on than they realise. I always feel like if I have nothing to live up to then I can’t disappoint anybody, and if I form a full sentence I’m a genius.”

Pamela tries to take people’s low expectations on the chin and she continues to push ahead with her campaigning. The 48-year-old still makes time to act and model, most recently posing naked for FHM magazine, maintaining her modesty with just a white sheet. She also holds the record for the most covers of American Playboy, tallying 14 issues.

Her stunning figure and looks are all the more impressive considering she’s had two children; sons Brandon, 19, and Dylan, 17. While some children would be mortified at their mother taking her clothes off for all to see, Pamela insists her boys are fine with that side of her career.

“Oh, they don’t care, they have seen Playboy,” she laughed.

Pamela welcomed both boys during her marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. The former couple had some wild times and the star was careful to tell their children what they needed to know at the right time.

“At age-appropriate times they learnt different things,” she said. “They always thought their dad was a rock star and their mom rescued animals when they were little and then they would go off to surf camp and they would come up and (say), ‘Are you Pamela Anderson?’ And I would say yes. And they’d say, ‘What is that? What are they talking about?’ So as they got older and heard about things and saw things, there were certain bumps in the road, obviously, and a few fistfights they had over me. We survived it all.”

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